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Vinny Devaney ill, getting treatment at UCSF

Vinny Devaney ill, getting treatment at UCSF

Mad River Union ARCATA – Former host of KHSU’s Fogou show, Gregg “Vinny” Devaney, has been diagnosed with two brain tumors.  Friends have been assisting Devaney and his wife Kirsten Lindquist, spending time with the popular musician and bon vivant man-about-town as he prepares for surgery. One tumor is located in his left frontal lobe,

The continuing adventures of Vinny Devaney

Janine Volkmar Mad River Union ARCATA – Vinny Devaney’s mother grew up along the highways of California in the 1920s because her father was one of those wonder workers, the men who built the Golden State’s roads. Devaney, whose given name is Gregg, took the name Vinny in memory of his ancestor. “Vinny was my