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Arcata’s janky fluoride rig getting an upgrade

Arcata’s janky fluoride rig getting an upgrade

Mad River Union ARCATA – The City Council last week approved a $38,000 upgrade to its fluoride feed system. The current system, cobbled together from disparate parts, is old, janky, fussy and not the safest for city workers.  Upgrading it hasn’t been easy. Vendors were either unresponsive or offered to supply the same equipment the

An alarming claim, oft repeated, can take hold… but facts are stubborn things

Arsenic facts and fiction I was somehow prescient in my prior letter to the Union editor, communicating some facts about the City of Arcata adding arsenic to our drinking water, when I suggested “Both sides of the fluoride debate can now wave their arms and raise their respective hullabaloo.”  And then there was the Union’s

Council sticks with science, keeps fluoridation

Former First Five Humboldt Director Wendy Rowan called for an “evidence-based” discussion, and urged continued fluoridation. She said defluoridation would place “an unequal burden on those community members least able to afford or access preventive dental care,” with increased tooth decay resulting and no benefits rendered.  

Arcata City Council considering ballot measure to end community water fluoridation

Mad River Union ARCATA – Among the items on the Wednesday, Feb. 5 City Council agenda is community water fluoridation. Arcata has fluoridated its water since the early 1960s, and in 2006 defeated by 62 to 38 percent Measure W, which would have ceased fluoridation. According to a city staff report, Councilmember Paul Pitino has