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At The Market: Creating a local grain economy

At The Market: Creating a local grain economy

Beck’s Bakery is accomplishing what only a few bakeries in the country are doing, according to Rhonda Wiedenbeck. “We know our farmers, we stone-mill the grain we get from them, and we sell at local grocery stores,” she said. Beck’s buys 400 pound barrels of grain from local growers John LaBoyteaux and Laurence and Lisa

The NCGA’s GMO Policy

The Mad River Union asked the North Coast Growers’ Association for its statement regarding the GMO crop ban. Here it is: The North Coast Growers’ Association endorses the Humboldt County Genetic Contamination and Prevention Ordinance. The North Coast Growers’ Association operates Certified Farmers’ Markets for the benefit of both producers and consumers; promotes public awareness

Come enjoy the McKinleyville Farmer's Market

The farmer’s market season kicked off in McKinleyville earlier this month, offering piles of vegetables of every shape and size, along with jams and jellies, barbeque, and live music. The weekly market, which takes place every Thursday from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. in the McKinleyville Shopping Center parking lot, gives residents a chance to