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At the Market: The pig’s the main thing at Tule Fog Farm

At the Market: The pig’s the main thing at Tule Fog Farm

Who knew? Choosing pork over beef or chicken can make this carnivore an agent of climate change! Shail Pec-Crouse of Tule Fog Farm convinced me with both her litany of facts and her passion for the subject. “Pork should be the American meat,” she said. “Forty percent of the food we grow is wasted. On

At The Market: Twisted Tree Bakery – goodies baked in a snag’s view

“There’s a snag just outside our kitchen window,” Susie Black Diemer explained when I asked about the name of her cottage food operation, Twisted Tree Bakery. Diemer lives in Fieldbrook and has worked as a medical assistant and an instructor at College of the Redwoods. She’s in her first year at the McKinleyville Farmers’ Market

At The Market: Support farmers by leaving dogs home

It was interesting walking around the farmers’ market, looking for folks who would be willing to pose for a photograph with my homemade sign, “I support our farmers – I left my dog at home.” I skipped the people with dogs for obvious reasons. Some people acted as if I wanted to talk to them

At The Market: Farmers’ Market merch is so Arcata

You’ve been to the merch booth at your favorite group’s concert, buying CDs, downloads if you are hipper, and  of course, a T-shirt. The merch booth, otherwise known as the information booth, at the Arcata Farmers’ Market makes those music merch booths look positively out of date. Where else but at the Arcata market can

Arcata Police Log: Impulse control – how the %$*&#^ does it work?

• Friday, June 1 12:31 a.m. For whatever reason, an I Street resident didn’t wish to entertain the sprightly company of a man trying their back door while weeping and saying he was sorry. 6:55 a.m. Someone was reported down and defuncted in the Portland Loo with a needle hanging out of their arm, but

At the Market: The Farmers’ Market takes friendship, features to new levels

Farmers’ markets are where we run into friends we haven’t seen in ages, where we meet our friends for breakfast first at The Alibi, where we get to visit with our favorite farmers who have, over the years, become friends, and where we meet new friends. Fresh veggies and fruits are a bonus to the

Area man survives shark attack at City Hall

Shunka Fourwinds Mad River Union ARCATA, APRIL 1 – Recent efforts to re-introduce indigenous animal species locally may have backfired. The trend began not in eco-groovy Arcata, but McKinleyville, where the Friends of Widow White Creek were able to re-establish a colony of Eye-Sucking Lampreys, an aquatic species able to propel themselves out of the

Transportation activists introduce new vision for a human-centered ‘living Plaza’ with fewer cars

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – Re-imagining the Plaza has never been more popular, with ideas flying at near-weekly scoping sessions in and out of government. The frequency of the solution-seeking is exceeded only by the daily incidents of drunks, drugs, fights, smoking and other offenses continuing to take place out on the