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Rezoning for General Plan reopens political division

Rezoning for General Plan reopens political division

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – Humboldt County’s General Plan is still in a state of flux, as implementation of its zoning maps has inflamed division over land use and hinges on the outcomes of public meetings in multiple communities.  The ever-controversial process of approving land use changes took another turn at the Jan.

Potsters writing laws for themselves is just as great of an idea as it sounds

Natalynne DeLapp and Mike Jani Environmental Protection Information Center, Humboldt Redwood Company We are somewhat strange bedfellows — the Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) is a non-profit based in Arcata devoted to the defense of the North Coast’s forests; the Humboldt Redwood Company is a forestry company devoted to managing its large blocks of forestlands to provide for