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Union Editorial: Local and national challenges to press freedom won’t stop us – will you?

In the  last few weeks, we’ve experienced the president of the United States declaring our country’s news media “the enemy of the people.” In keeping with his view of press freedom, a state university administrator threatened lawsuits against local journalists over news coverage of an issue of deep interest to the community. Then, political zealots

Mad River Union Editorial: We’ve been publishing plagiarized content. It’s our fault, and we’re sorry

Stunned. Shocked. SMH. WTF. These overused terms may have lost their potency, but it is still possible to experience the sensations they describe on a gut level. Last weekend, we did, in ways that are still unfolding. We found out that bylined sports articles in the Union and presented as original work have included plagiarized

Editorial: The rocky road to real change begins now

The Arcata City Council took an important, if interim step last week in going ahead with a Public Safety Task Force. The task force is a necessary precursor to a standing Public Safety Committee, the body which will really be able to go after Arcata’s public safety issues. Both the task force and committee are

Time to come down from the hill and groundtruth Arcata’s downtown

In an interview in the Union’s Dec. 30 edition, Humboldt State University President Lisa Rossbacher emphasized, as did her long-time predecessor Rollin Richmond, the importance of strong campus partnerships with the local community. Rossbacher noted, “If students aren’t feeling welcome in stores and restaurants and they spend all their time on campus, that’s not helping