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Economy treading water amid coronavirus cross-currents

Economy treading water amid coronavirus cross-currents

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – As 2020 and civilization itself wound down amid a transformative pandemic, the City of Arcata is closely tracking economic conditions and trends, and what is shaping them. With the economy reverberating from all kinds of impacts, and adaptation a daily challenge for individuals and businesses alike, forecasting

With economy flagging, single-use foodware restrictions delayed

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – The City Council last week renewed the local emergency related to the coronavirus pandemic, something it does every two weeks to better empower it to manage the unusual circumstances surrounding the crisis, and make it eligible for further assistance. The council heard a review of city finances

Humboldt’s economic loses result in cleaner air

The relationship between reduced industrial activity and improved air quality was explored at the county’s latest General Plan Update hearing. The Board of Supervisors finished its review of the update’s Air Quality Element at the May 6 hearing and approved a series of policies on reduction of greenhouse gas and other emissions. A Greenhouse Climate

New Report Heralds ‘Entrepreneurship Boom’

Humboldt County is experiencing what’s been described as an “entrepreneurship boom,” with 2,283 new businesses emerging from 2002 to 2010. That’s only one of many positive trends detailed in the Prosperity 2012 report that was approved by the Board of Supervisors at its March 26 meeting. Prepared by the county’s Economic Development Division and informed

State Budget: Better, But Worse

By Daniel Mintz Press Reporter   Largely thanks to successful tax measures, the state’s income matches its spending but is still falling well short of pre-recession levels. A lowdown on the state budget and its effects on the county was delivered to the Board of Supervisors at its Jan. 15 meeting by County Administrative Officer

Region’s Top Job Creators Survived Economic Downturn

By Daniel Mintz Press Reporter   The North Coast’s top six job-producing, wage-generating industry clusters appear to be recession-proof, according to information from a new county economic development report. Released last week, the updated Targets of Opportunity report details the progress of six regional “industry clusters” that have consistently shown increases in job numbers and

Mill Yard Breaks Ground For New Store In Aldergrove – May 19, 2010

So why the move? “There’s no more playing chicken on the freeway,” Mark said. The building material wholesaler has been having clients and delivery trucks make an abrupt slowdown to in order to hit the mid-city turnoff on U.S. Highway 101. It’s dangerous. The comparatively easy State Route 299 location beckoned with street speeds at a mellow 25 miles per hour. Additionally, the Mill Yard collaborates on contractor needs with the nearby Almquist Lumber and Humboldt Fasteners. Giving builders a neighborhood cluster is advantageous for the industry.