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Planner: No harm in dunes work

Planner: No harm in dunes work

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union MANILA – The county’s Planning Director has responded to complaints about the Friends of the Dunes (FOD) invasive grass removal and restoration work in Manila, saying that loss of foredune and wetland impacts are not occurring on the group’s property.  Planning Director John Ford updated the group’s permitting status at

Eco Briefs: Explore the dunes, go birding at the marsh, restore Patrick’s Point

LANPHERE DUNES Join a Friends of the Dunes Naturalist for a free guided tour of the Lanphere Dunes Unit of the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge on Saturday, Nov. 3 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Lanphere Dunes Unit is home to diverse coastal ecosystems including coastal dune forest, seasonal wetlands, and large moving

Herbicides used in dunes

Jessie Faulkner Mad River Union MANILA – When unexpected conditions arose, U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials opted to use a combination of the herbicides glyphosate and imazapyr to remove European beach grass re-sprouts at a small adaptation plot in the Lanphere Dunes in late March. “Due to the postponement of initial removal of European beachgrass

Supervisors wary of supporting massive dune study

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – Criticism of invasive beach grass removal projects is affecting a dune ecology partnership’s effort to gain the Board of Supervisors’ support for a grant proposal. The debate over the effectiveness of removing invasive beach grass again emerged at the March 10 board meeting. Supervisors considered a letter of

Restoration Or Ruin? A Dunes Divide

Jack Durham Mad River Union MANILA – In and around this tiny township, a war of words is being waged over the removal of invasive, non-native plants from the dunes. On one side of the clash is a small but vocal group of critics who claim that pulling European beach grass from the dunes destabilizes

Uri Driscoll: Concerns Of A Conservative Conservationist And Environmental Economist

Can we take an honest look at the responsibilities that go along with constructing and maintaining a healthy economy as well as the economics of environmental restoration? A healthy economy obviously needs a healthy environment to be sustainable. Pretending one exists without the other is just burying our head in the sand. Conversely, if there

GUEST OPINION: Are we preparing for or inviting disaster?

The counties approach to surveying the public regarding disaster preparedness is important. Visit http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/HumboldtCohazmit. Even while we enjoy our homes, backyards and beaches we should be running through our checklist of what might happen if a “big one “ hits. Certainly being prepared to help our neighbors is a must do. Securing food and water