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Gasoline dumped at Liscom Slough

Gasoline dumped at Liscom Slough

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA BOTTOM – Even in the sordid annals of illegal Liscom Slough waste dumping, last week saw a shocking new milestone. Joining furniture, auto parts, cannabis debris, children’s toys, yard waste, unsaleable rummage sale items, human hair and countless other pieces of debris tossed out at the sensitive waterway

Merry Xmess

MARSH DISTRICT – A little over a year after the tragic fire that took the life of Stephen McGeary, the  property on lower H Street (now known as the Marsh District) in Arcata has been cleared of debris and is now for sale. Since last Saturday, however, certain individuals have seen fit to dump and run, leaving

Liscom Slough Abuse Continues

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union “Not even a witch oughtta be caught on the bottom of America’s spew-infested waterways.” – Frank Zappa, “Drowning Witch” LISCOM SLOUGH – Both newly restored McDaniel Slough and its Arcata Bottom cousin, Liscom Slough, have gotten a lot of attention this weekend. But where McDaniel received love from scientists and

Waking Up From The Mattress Nightmare

CALIFORNIA – On Sept. 27, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 254, authored by Senators Loni Hancock and Lou Correa, a bill to create a statewide mattress recycling program, providing consumers with free and convenient opportunities for mattress pickup, drop-off and recycling. California is the third state in the nation and the first on the West