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Local murder rate worse than it looks

Local murder rate worse than it looks

Paul Mann Mad River Union EUREKA –  Humboldt County’s homicide rate, nearly twice as bad as California’s, is even worse than official records show, according to Sheriff Mike Downey. The 30-year-plus veteran of local law enforcement blames Humboldt’s spreading drug abscess and the deadly organized crime inseparable from it. In an interview in his office,

A murder suspect’s meltdown

Jack Durham Mad River Union EUREKA – The young man accused of gunning down a Eureka woman June 30 had been dumped by his girlfriend days before and was struggling with his addiction to booze and pills, according to his Facebook page. Maxx Robison, 20, was arrested Thursday, June 30 for allegedly murdering Rhianna McKenzie,

Designer drugs target kids, teens

Paul Mann Mad River Union ARCATA – Synthetic designer drugs are aggressively marketed to lure the unsuspecting young and disarm unsuspecting parents. They cause dangerously high blood pressure, soaring heart rates and climbing body temperatures that often kill. Major organ failure and vulnerability to vicious diseases result from their use. Also known as New Psychoactive

Five arrested this morning in Arcata

Mad River Union ARCATA – Arcata Police interrupted an apparent drug transaction this morning, June 14 and arrested five suspects. Police responded at &;55 a.m. to the Shell Gas station on the 1400 block of G Street after receiving a report of several people engaged in what looked like a drug transaction. A male jumped

Humboldt suicide rates likely to rise

“This county has a horrible, horrible drug and alcohol problem.”                                          – Chief Deputy Coroner Ernest D. Stewart Paul Mann Mad River Union EUREKA – Humboldt County’s climbing suicide rate, which claimed a record 43 lives last

‘Street’ drugs laced with fentanyl

Department of Health & Human Services HUMBOLDT – Local residents who use illegal or “street” drugs may be at increased risk of overdose, according to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Pills and tablets that look like Norco, Vicodin and other pain medications may contain fentanyl, a powerful opioid that is many times stronger

Man on drugs flips out in Mack Town

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office MCKINLEYVILLE – On Sunday, March 13 at about 2:43 p.m., Humboldt County Deputy Sheriffs responded to the 1600 block of Gwin Road in McKinleyville for a report of a combative male subject who had possibly overdosed. Deputies arrived on scene and spoke with witnesses who stated 34-year-old Ryan Gabriel Adams had

Drugs, gun found during Broadway search

Eureka Police Department EUREKA – Detectives with the Eureka Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Unit (POP) recently received information that Charles Gay, 41 of Eureka, was allegedly dealing controlled substances from his motel room on the 2400 block of Broadway in Eureka. Detectives also learned Gay was on searchable probation for possession of a controlled

Humboldt’s cavernous abyss of drugs

Paul Mann Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – Humboldt County’s drug scourge remains stubborn and unyielding, a mirror of the newest red flags hoisted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, the nation’s foremost public health institute. “Heroin is an epidemic in Humboldt County,” Undersheriff William Honsal said in an interview and subsequent