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Minimal attendance at KHSU’s monthly CAB meeting

Minimal attendance at KHSU’s monthly CAB meeting

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – If the Humboldt State University administration’s strategy is to wait out, wear down and scare off the resistance to its policies regarding radio station KHSU, the plan may be working. After three well-attended and often clamorous monthly meetings of the station’s Community Advisory Board (CAB), the fourth,

Students, university reaching agreement

Paul Mann Mad River Union HSU – Native American student negotiators and the Rossbacher administration have reached an accord in principle that indigenous students will have priority in the use and stewardship of Humboldt State University’s contested Native American Forum. Details remain to be worked out, but, provisionally, HSU Native students would be in charge

HSU denies report on Bolman firing, others confirm it

Paul Mann Mad River Union HSU – Faculty and Native American students have refuted an administration official’s denial of a Mad River Union report that Humboldt State University fired a Native American educator, Jacquelyn Bolman, for criticizing the school’s handling of under-represented student programs. Faculty and student insiders are adamant that campus officials sacked Bolman

Bolman fired after criticism of HSU

Editor’s note: Headline on article has been changed to reflect uncertainty over the exact cause of Bolman’s firing.  Edits shown in story below. Paul Mann Mad River Union HUMBOLDT STATE – Native American science educator Jacquelyn Bolman was fired last fall by Humboldt State University President Lisa Rossbacher for  after allegedly discrediting one of the

Native American students order occupation of Indian Forum

Paul Mann Mad River Union HUMBOLDT STATE – Native American students at Humboldt State University will occupy the campus’s Native Forum until Dr. Jacquelyn Bolman, summarily dismissed last October without explanation, is reinstated as head of a key Native American science and engineering program.      Declaring that the new administration of HSU President Lisa Rossbacher “has