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Dogtown: Influx of dogs at the shelter

Dogtown: Influx of dogs at the shelter

The start of 2020 brought a lot of dogs into the shelter. Hard to tell whether that was a result of scary fireworks, owners out of town, wind opening gates or what, but we are hoping that they will still be claimed by their owners.  For now, the shelter population is higher than we’d like.

Dogtown: Shane’s a no-drama dog; Bugsy needs a buddy

Here’s a lovely dog for a cold December day!  Shane is a three-year-old male with a lovely thick coat that makes us think maybe he has shepherd and husky in his background, though other breeds are certainly a possibility also. Shane has impressed the volunteers with his gentle personality and nice leash manners. One of

Dogtown: Come meet sweet Basil and Rufus

The shelter has announced the date for this year’s Holiday Open House. It will take place on Saturday, Dec. 14. This event is a benefit for the shelter’s Emergency Medical Fund, which provides needed veterinary care for dogs and cats who have orthopedic injuries, heartworm, or other serious conditions. Though it’s two months away, you