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Dogtown: Riggins, Loyal Dog of Adventure, stands tall

Dogtown: Riggins, Loyal Dog of Adventure, stands tall

Week 57. Dogs come to us in many ways. Many of the dogs we work with arrived at the shelter for one reason or another, some are puppies whose mothers arrived at the shelter pregnant and went into our foster programs, and some dogs are referred to us from other agencies such as veterinarians or

Dogtown: A pair of cuddlepups

Cheddar and Tiger Rose happily trot into their crate when it is bedtime and go right outside in the morning to go potty. They stay close when people are around, except for the afternoon that the resident dog took them for a little walk down the driveway. We think she was trying to get rid of them, but fortunately the puppies didn’t fall for that!

Dogtown: Carter and Clarice are skilled in the dogly arts

Week 39. Carter wants to wish you a Merry Christmas! He is such a good sport, happily modeling an ugly Christmas sweater for the Sheriff’s Department’s holiday contest.  Carter would love to find a forever home in his stocking, though he is willing to wait for the right one to come along. Carter’s dream home