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Let’s talk about dogshit

Let’s talk about dogshit

119 annual tons of Fido emissions cause all manner of enviro-mayhem in Arcata City of Arcata ARCATA – ​The Environmental Services Department would like to remind dog owners to pick up after their pets and to properly dispose of used pet waste bags in the garbage. Over 950 dogs live, play and poop in Arcata,

Anti-dog poop campaign at the Marsh a wasted effort

Mad River Union ARCATA MARSH AND WILDLIFE SANCTUARY – The ongoing dog poop wars at the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary wear on, with neglectful dog owners defying logic, reason, personal responsibility and eco-consciousness by leaving their canine companions’ wastes to stink up and uglify the trails. Even when provided with handy Dogipot poop bag

Today’s Mad River Current: Who gets busted for growing pot, who does not and how much pot can you legally have?

Humboldt County is estimated to have between 8,000 to 10,000, and maybe even more, marijuana grows. Pot is everywhere. Piles of shake are sometimes left on the side of the road. Buds get dropped in tip jars. You can drive around and see and smell marijuana plants. There’s a grow there and a grow here,