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Arcata Chamber recognizes the best in the business community, beginning with these three beautifiers

Arcata Chamber recognizes the best in the business community, beginning with these three beautifiers

Joellen Clark-Peterson Arcata Chamber of Commerce ARCATA – This is one part in a series of articles featuring the three nominees in the six categories of Arcata’s Annual Business Leadership Awards. In January, members of the Arcata Chamber of Commerce, who made the nominations, will vote for the winners, and they will be announced at

The Danes and Dell’Arte celebrate theater

Janine Volkmar Mad River Union BLUE LAKE – “Sometimes we have to celebrate ourselves,” Joan Schirle said at the opening of the Prize of Hope ceremony recently in the Carlos Theater. She’s the Founding Artistic Director of Dell’Arte. Schirle, Michael Fields, Dell’Arte’s Producing Director, and representatives from Denmark, Birthe Rosenfeldt-Olsen and Moqi Trollein, proceeded to

Read the stories of Dell’Arte’s ‘Stories in the Tent’

Dell’Arte International BLUE LAKE – Dell’Arte International in collaboration with the Mad River Union is excited to announce that from over a dozen stories submitted by the Humboldt community, five have been chosen to be adapted at Stories in the Tent at the 28th Annual Mad River Festival. From a story about a man building

Getting ‘Gruesome’: Fun, games and losing an eye

Lauraine Leblanc Mad River Union ARCATA – It’s still a little early for Halloween, but don’t be overly alarmed if you see a woman walking around with open wounds. If you’re looking at Angie Negrete, her injuries are fake. Negrete is the makeup designer for a student production running at Humboldt State’s Studio Theatre this

Blue Lake Notes: Happenings in the peaceable hamlet

The City of Blue Lake, nestled in the mountains just a few short minutes from Arcata and McKinleyville, is a unique community, full of life and adventure. Often called the Center of the Universe, Blue Lake is the home of Dell’Arte, the Logger Bar and the Mad River Brewery! Here are just a few of

Send in the clown/actor/engineer

Janine Volkmar Mad River Union BLUE LAKE – Pratik Motwani is the son of an engineer father and a botanist mother. And he has a degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from Mumbai University. No wonder his one-man show in this year’s Mad River Festival is all about the effect that technology has on our

Mad River Festival: Last chance to attend ‘The State of Jefferson Picnic,’ plus more Mad Lab & Red Light

Mad River Union BLUE LAKE – The 2017 Mad River Festival continues this week, with more Mad Lab and an adult cabaret. The State of Jefferson Picnic: This Land is Your Land, But Mostly My Land runs Thursday through Sunday at 8 p.m. in Dell’Arte’s Rooney Amphitheatre, closing Sunday July 2. Mad Lab 2 The