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Days Inn Purchased, Debt Repaid – September 21, 2012

 City of Arcata Press Release  NEW OWNERS OF THE FORMER DAYS INN PAY PAST DEBT TO THE CITY OF ARCATA IN FULL  This is an update on the former Days Inn Hotel located at 4975 Valley West Boulevard in Arcata. The hotel has remained closed since January of 2011 when municipal water service was disconnected by

Deadbeat Days Inn Owes Arcata $130,776.62 – March 3, 2010

Nearly two years of unpaid TOT has built up to $108,000. What’s more, Days Inn is delinquent in over $22.776.62 in unpaid water bills. Considering Arcata’s annual Transient Occupancy Taxes take is some $900,000, the outstanding $130,000 is a major chunk of City revenue. Collection attempts through the firm’s Arcata management have been somewhat fruitless – until Finance received a partial bill payment last year. That check bounced.