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City of Arcata settles lawsuit with Lawson Family

City of Arcata settles lawsuit with Lawson Family

The Lawson murder investigation remains an open case, and the Lawson Family and the Arcata Police Department (APD) continue to ask the community for assistance to solve this murder. A $55,000 reward for information directly leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the killing of David Josiah Lawson has been established.

APD again appeals for Lawson witnesses for help, walk set for Saturday

Four years after the unsolved killing of Humboldt State student David Josiah Lawson, the 4 Years, 4 Mile, J4J Walk takes place Saturday, April 17 from noon to 5 p.m. Meet at Arcata City Hall at noon for a walk to the Humboldt Bay Trail, then back to the Arcata Plaza for a coat drive with music and beverages. Participants are asked to bring art and signs for David Josiah Lawson. Please wear a mask and observe COVID precautions.

Police Chief Brian Ahearn on the city’s budget, reform and APD

Police Officers are noble people who perform life-saving work every day and restore hope in people’s lives when all hope was lost. So when some advocate for dismantling the police or march on their City Hall to abolish policing (how ludicrous is that?) be careful what you wish for.

Council again updated on APD’s structural reforms

Ahearn’s report says that APD is now “better trained, better prepared, more organized in our response and more effective in our utilization of personnel than we were on April 15, 2017. The value of clarifying roles and responsibilities and establishing clear lines of authority and decisionmaking in order to identify, in all incidents, who is in charge, cannot be underestimated.”

The Lawson Report, Part 3: About Arcata, where young student Josiah came to learn – and died

Note: This is the third installment of the National Police Foundation’s report on the death of Humboldt State student David Josiah Lawson, and the criminal justice system’s follow-through. So far, no one has been held responsible for his stabbing death. – Ed. Limitations of this Report While the City of Arcata and APD provided substantial