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Kevin Hoover: If There Was Ever A Case For A Do-Over, This Is It – July 6, 2011

The letters above more or less reflect community reaction to the loss of Cypress Grove Chevre’s (CGC) dreams of an Arcata goat dairy. It’s such a stain on Arcata that one can’t help but wish for a chance at redemption. Redemption doesn’t mean approving the project. It might mean rejecting the goat dairy for good

Cypress Grove Halts Goat Project – June 14, 2011

ARCATA – Cypress Grove Chevre has abandoned plans to install a 1,200-goat dairy on the Arcata Bottom and will look for an alternate site. The decision follows a meeting last night in which neighbors voiced multiple objections. Below, a press release issued Tuesday afternoon: Arcata Cheesemaker Decides Against Proposed Arcata Bottom Property Arcata, CA –