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Washington still denies Cuba’s revolution

Paul Mann Mad River Union HAVANA – World nomads relishing this island’s global cachet consider the Trump adminstration’s Cuba policy futile and retrograde. In their eyes, the administration is still in denial about Castro’s 1959 revolution, while the rest of the world accepted it long ago as a practical political matter. President Trump, they assert,

Mad River Union Morning Report for 7.18.17

Weather We’re in a familiar weather pattern now. It’s foggy and sometimes a little drizzly in the morning, then by afternoon it’s either partly sunny or super sunny. Today will be a little cloudier than usual in the afternoon, but as the week progresses it will see more afternoon sun, with high in Arcata hovering

Trump rebuffs Obama’s détente with Cuba

Note: Mad River Union reporter Paul Mann recently returned from a visit to Havana, Cuba. He shares some news and thoughts about the the country. – Ed. Paul Mann Mad River Union LA HABANA VIEJA – This intriguing 16th-century city some 20 miles north of the Tropic of Cancer has cosmopolitan charm. Untold Americans are about