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Bottoms annexation brings shock and awe

Bottoms annexation brings shock and awe

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA BOTTOM – A county agency’s inclusion of 77 acres on the Arcata Bottom into the City of Arcata caught residents there by surprise last week. The Jan. 20 decision by the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) involved a historic westward expansion of the City of Arcata onto 76.7

Letter: When your farm is folded into Arcata without asking, or being asked

If you received this black and white picture in the mail on New Year’s Eve and you lived in the lower right quarter of the map, would you understand your home was being involuntarily annexed in three weeks? Maybe not if you had confidence in the Arcata City Council process of public hearings about massive

Arcata Mayor Winkler ‘extremely proud’ of false, divisive statements as ethicists disqualify him from annexation hearing

Winkler is also compromised in serving as mayor due to his personal business entanglements. His company, Redwood Energy, continued to consult with developer AMCAL after it had submitted a project – the Village housing development – for city approval. That disqualified him from participating in the matter and left the City Council with four members and a tied vote on the matter. Prior business relations will prevent him from participating in the decision on DANCO’s Creek Side Homes project at this Wednesday’s council meeting as well.

Carol McFarland: Access to the proposed Creek Side Homes project remains problematic

Twelve years ago we decided to preserve our small piece of the Arcata Bottom handed down from great-grandparents because of the possible annexation and development of a subdivision of 150 houses, and the inevitable widening of Foster Avenue for its principal entrances.  Why? At that time, the front door to our house was less than