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​Humboldt readies for change in COVID-19 fight

​Humboldt readies for change in COVID-19 fight

Frankovich said almost 750 county residents have been tested for the disease and 28 people have tested positive for it. The positives mostly involve travel-related infections or contact with them but three of them have no apparent links to other known cases.

14 Humboldt cases as of Friday, March 27

March 27, 2020 – Two Additional COVID-19 Cases Confirmed Humboldt County Public Health HUMBOLDT – Two additional cases of COVID-19 were confirmed today, bringing the total to 14 local cases since the outbreak began. Cases 11 through 14 are currently under investigation, with additional information expected next week. Case number five, confirmed on March 24,

HSU joins with Public Health to produce COVID-19 test kits

The first 1,250 collection tubes were produced in the microbiology and biotechnology facilities on HSU’s campus by a team that included Microbiology Laboratory Preparator Benjamin Schafer, Core Facility Coordinator Dr. David Baston, Biological Sciences Faculty members Jianmin Zhong and Amy Sprowles, Chemistry Associate Professor Jenny Cappuccio and Wildlife Associate Professor Daniel Barton. 

Arcata sets up $250,000 emergency business loan program, and its name is BRELP

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – Arcata businesses that are running on fumes during the present Coronavirus lockdown have a new glimmer of hope thanks to the City of Arcata and its City Council. The council Thursday night unanimously approved Resolution No. 190-63, which creates a Business Resiliency Emergency Loan Program (BRELP). The

MRCH using locally 3D printed protective gear

In addition to the 3D printing community, Humboldt County’s sewers and seamstress community has banned together creating a Humboldt Coronavirus Mask Makers group on Facebook to help connect makers with facilities in need of homemade PPE masks. Mad River Community Hospital has requested a donation to outfit their staff in an effort to extend the life of the N95 masks which can be worn until soiled per CDC guidelines.