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Companion Animal Foundation: Gabriel could use some help recovering from injury

Companion Animal Foundation: Gabriel could use some help recovering from injury

Gabriel and Gideon need your help! Both sweet pups were hit by a car in Hoopa on March 16. Gideon had his front leg stitched up and will soon be on the road to recovery, but Gabriel received multiple fractures and is going to need a femoral head ostectomy or possibly amputation surgery within a

Companion Animal Foundation: Orange is the new cat

Meet Fanta and Tang, a pair of sugary sweet brothers with big appetites for adventure. These tangerine-toned siblings can usually be found in the kitten room with one toy or another clutched in their little teeth, fully engaged in playtime until the clocks strikes naptime. Both Fanta and Tang are bright-eyed, inquisitive and affectionate, but

Companion Animal Foundation: Meet the Goblin King

Fans of the ’80s classic film Labyrinth may recognize Jareth’s name, and it is with the utmost respect that we dubbed this handsome boy after David Bowie’s Goblin King character. His unique smokey coat, extra large ears and affectionate, ready-to-please personality would make Jareth a wonderful choice for a family attracted to the slightly offbeat.

Companion Animal Foundation: Popsicle is ready to melt in your arms

Meet Popsicle! Named for his tendency to melt in your arms when he is picked up, this bright-eyed, carrot-colored tabby has a lot of love to share with his forever family. Popsicle and his brother Creamsicle are wonderfully interactive with visitors, dogs and their current kitty roommates. They are especially fond of playing with all