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CAF, Farm Store in kitten collaboration

CAF, Farm Store in kitten collaboration

The Farm Store has been a tremendous help and success for us at Companion Animal Foundation. When we have a lot of kittens, they’re always happy to take in a few for us.  Recently they helped us by featuring three kittens: Blizzard, Snowflake and Frost. Everyone at the store loved having them there and they

Companion Animal Foundation: Seeking home for these two little angels

Seeking fosters for two sweet dogs! Companion Animal Foundation is looking to expand our pool of experienced fosters (or those eager to learn) so we can provide warm homes for our adoptable dogs in the evenings. Gideon and Gabriel are 11-month-old brothers recovering from being hit by a car and they are still adjusting to

Companion Animal Foundation: Orange is the new cat

Meet Fanta and Tang, a pair of sugary sweet brothers with big appetites for adventure. These tangerine-toned siblings can usually be found in the kitten room with one toy or another clutched in their little teeth, fully engaged in playtime until the clocks strikes naptime. Both Fanta and Tang are bright-eyed, inquisitive and affectionate, but