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CPP supports Safety Committee, range of other projects

CPP supports Safety Committee, range of other projects

Mad River Union ARCATA – The downtown betterment group known as Community Pride & Peace (CPP) has thrown its support behind formation of a city-sponsored, citizen-led Safety Committee, proposed by members of the nascent Community Safety Partnership. The matter will be heard before the City Council Wednesday, Nov. 16. Read about CPP’s current and ongoing projects.

Community PRIDE Project hits its stride, headed for non-profit status

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union D STREET NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER – The Community PRIDE Project (CPP) met Dec. 7 at the D Street Neighborhood Center in Arcata. More than two months in, it’s apparent that the group will not join the ranks of previous flash-in-the-pan downtown reform movements, and is committed for the long haul.

Plaza, Jolly Giant Creek get cleanse and detox treatments

CLEANUP CREWS Following a briefing by Michael McDowall of Environmental Services, above, volunteers with the Community PRIDE Project (CPP) fanned out downtown last Friday to pick up a reported 1,000 pounds of litter. The CPP has a number of meetings and activities planned (see story on page A3 of this week’s Union). And, following a briefing by

Citizens, city grapple with downtown issues

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – With the Community PRIDE Project not meeting the week before last, participants focused on the ever-roiling street scene along the troubled H Street-Plaza corridor. There was good news – Downtown Officer Luke Scown returned from paternity leave, increasing APD’s presence in the area. Scown said he went from

Community PRIDE Project diversifies, drills into details

Mad River Union ARCATA – The Community PRIDE Project, formed to address downtown issues, met somewhere other than downtown Monday night, Nov. 2. The D Street Neighborhood Center gathering was adequately but not spectacularly attended, though a phalanx of City of Arcata officials were present and paying attention. Organizer Steve Gieder stressed the importance of

CPP meets Monday, Nov. 2 at 6 p.m. at D Street Neighborhood Center

PRIDEFUL PRESENTATION The downtown Community PRIDE Project (CPP) met in Arcata Stay’s Humboldt State Sculpture Garden last week to formalize its goals, reach out to other community groups and form breakout groups. The five volunteer groups will focus on event planning, media relations, human services, environmental issues and community watch. The group’s Facebook page has