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Coast Seafoods shelves oyster farm expansion

Coast Seafoods shelves oyster farm expansion

Paul Mann Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – Coast Seafoods has jettisoned its hard-fought bid to expand oyster and clam cultivation in Humboldt Bay. In a revised proposal, it is offering as well to shrink its existing farming area. The Eureka company is seeking approval from the California Coastal Commission for a multi-year extension of beds

Questing for clams at Moonstone Beach

Bryn Robertson Mad River Union MOONSTONE BEACH/MCKINLEYVILLE –It was 7 a.m. at Moonstone Beach and I was already soaked to my haunches in numbing Pacific Ocean water. My partners, equally wet but hawk-eyed and focused, moved across the beach in search of something subterranean. With long-handled shovels they tapped the sand’s surface, scanning for bubbles