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Trinidad Tidings: Trinidad Appreciation Weekend is coming up

Trinidad Tidings: Trinidad Appreciation Weekend is coming up

Big Lagoon artist Matthew Dodge has an exhibit of his latest work at Forbes & Associates in Saunders Plaza in Trinidad through Oct. 26. Matthew’s technique is self-developed. He takes photographs in local natural settings, digitally edits them, prints them on canvas, and then meticulously hand-colors them, using a variety of color media.  After coloring he

John Corbett: We must acknowledge the history that got us here

Trinidad Rancheria, City of Trinidad, and the Settler Community. For the record I am a member of the settler community, (third generation Humboldter) and I have no financial relationship with the Trinidad Rancheria or the City of Trinidad. The Trinidad harbor was one of the few privately owned harbors in California. The history is that

Trinidad tackles COVID-19 – community survey and business update

We need to consider each other at every step of the way. We need to take that extra step to make sure our neighbors are well cared for and this can come in many forms.  Whether it is something simple like asking how they are doing, or something more tangible like offering to get groceries and supplies for those who are deemed higher risk of contracting the virus.

Trinidad Tidings: Beauty, art and advocacy

The Humboldt Alliance for Responsible Planning (H.A.R.P.), a citizens group interested in fostering citizen involvement in communities countywide on proposed land developments, invites the community to a public information meeting on Thursday, Sept. 27 from 6 to 9 p.m. at Trinidad Town Hall. The principal topic of discussion will be the Cher-ae Heights Indian Community

Trinidad Tidings: Progress made on lighthouse permit

The Trinidad City Planning Commission unanimously passed the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse Consolidated Coastal Development Permit Aug. 30. It is cause for some elation. However, the grueling California Coastal Commission part is yet to come, possibly not until November when the next San Francisco hearing takes place. A consolidated permit means that the same project application,

Trinidad Tidings: Celebrate Trinidad Library’s anniversary with ice cream

Trinidad Library will celebrate its fifth anniversary with an ice cream social on Saturday, Aug. 25 from 1 to 3 p.m. in Saunders Park off Patrick’s Point Drive and Janis Court. Trinidad Library Branch Manager Kristin Dalziel and Friends of the Trinidad Library President Essence Torres invite the community to join in the fun. The

Trinidad revisits vacation rental controversy

Elaine Weinreb Mad River Union TRINIDAD – For many years, vacation rentals have been a source of controversy in Trinidad. At nearly every meeting of the Trinidad City Council, complaints were heard about late-night parties, large numbers of guests using up all the parking on the street, and the gradual transformation of residential neighborhoods into

Trinidad City Council boots Morgan from Planning Commission

Elaine Weinreb Mad River Union TRINIDAD – The Trinidad City Council removed Mike Morgan from the Trinidad Planning Commission at a special meeting Aug. 9. The stated purpose of the meeting was to discuss alleged violations of the City’s Code of Ethics by Morgan. Morgan, who was appointed to the Planning Commission only three months ago,