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Outgoing employees honored

Jessie Faulkner Mad River Union ARCATA – The Arcata City Council and community members heaped praise and applause April 20 on retiring city employees Larry Oetker, Community Development Department director, and Robert Johnson, senior construction specialist. Johnson, who retired after 20 years with the city, was described as a “helluva good worker” whose handiwork permeates

Drain deco eco-educates

Mad River Union ARCATA – It’s not unusual to see sidewalk art in early October at Pastels on the Plaza, but since spring, Arcata has also been graced with more permanent educational sidewalk art thanks to the City of Arcata’s Recreation Division’s Downstream Designs public works project. These additions to Arcata’s artscape are the result

Arcata’s Brutal Budget Choices

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA CITY HALL – The Arcata City Council’s fiscal year 2014/2015 budget was formulated following its recent goal-setting sessions, which offered a range of insights into what’s on the move at the City of Arcata, as department heads came before the council to extol their projects and plead for funding. To help wrangle grant

HSU, Arcata Acting To Counter Climate-Crushing Carbon

Carbonated Discussion On TNT This Week Carbon. We love it in our fizzy drinks and for freezing Han Solo, and as carbon-based units we appreciate this element’s key role in our existence. Carbon is deeply intertwined with our economy and insidiously, is also mucking up the atmosphere and causing global warming. While politicians hem and