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Union Editorial: Beyond butcher paper activism

Union Editorial: Beyond butcher paper activism

Arcatans are full of … ideas. Lots of them. Good ones, too. Unfortunately, none of them has improved conditions on the Plaza, at least not yet. Many, many, many meetings focused on the Plaza have taken place over the years. We’ve had them at City Hall, the D Street Neighborhood Center, the Community Center, the

City Hall workers to be supplied with air

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – The folks at Arcata City Hall usually seem chipper enough at their various desks and service counters. You can hardly tell that the poor dears are freezing, burning and gasping for fresh air most of the time. That’s because City Hall’s HVAC (heat, ventilation, air conditioning) system

Influential Ec Dev, CDC, Planco All Need New Members – May 5, 2010

CITY HALL – The Arcata City Council announces an opening on the Economic Development Committee and invites interested citizens living within Arcata city limits or within the Arcata Planning Area to apply. This committee member would complete a three-year term expiring on January 31, 2011. To determine residency status, consult the Arcata city street address