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Parks & Rec to dicuss e-vehicles on trails

Parks & Rec to dicuss e-vehicles on trails

  Mad River Union ARCATA – The popularity  of electric bicycles has surprised some users of the Humboldt Bay Trail North. Along with e-bikes, the onset of electrified “onewheel” skateboards have also signified a change in the overall user experience on the Arcata Marsh-traversing trail. Arcata’s Parks and Recreation Committee will discuss the use of

City Hall sit-in over for now

Mad River Union ARCATA CITY HALL – The occupation of City Council Chamber that participants said would last until the City of Arcata re-hired investigator Tom Parker ended around midnight last night. The protest was organized by activists demanding resolution to the unsolved killing of HSU student David Josiah Lawson. Thursday morning, city staff was

Proposed new parcel tax would fund open space, trails, creeks and wildlife

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – Once a year the City Council sits down with its four environmental advisory committees, takes updates and looks ahead. The meeting also lets the citizen-led groups – Forest Management, Open Space & Agriculture, Parks & Recreation and Wetlands & Creeks – learn about what the others are