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Tax perks incentivize proper pot farm practices

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union ​HUMBOLDT – Humboldt County’s management of cannabis farming will soon include a reward-oriented approach to encourage solar energy use, road upgrades and smaller-scale cultivation. ​Giving excise tax reductions to improve environmental protection was outlined at the November 19 Board of Supervisors meeting. Although the incentives, if widely pursued, could reduce

Planning Commission: Ban hemp, totally

Cannabis farmers fear genetic dilution from cross-pollination Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – Described as a menace to Humboldt County’s prized cannabis crops, industrial hemp will be totally banned if the advice of the Planning Commission is followed.  In an Oct. 17 public hearing, the commission voted to recommend banning not only cultivation of

More tax on pot biz? City Council: ‘Meh’

Steve Robles Mad River Union ARCATA – While considering different ways of generating revenue at last week’s Arcata City Council meeting, city officials decided to avoid weighing another tax on what some consider a considerably overburdened industry – cannabis.  After discussing the ways such a levy would be assessed with city staff, board members quickly

How cannabis businesses powered through the blackout

Steve Robles Mad River Union ARCATA – As Arcata’s citizenry held emergency barbecues to use food before it spoiled, in the city’s Cannabis Innovation Zone, businesses struggled to keep thousands of dollars of inventory from doing the same. Most of the companies in that zone offer trimming and extraction services, both of which are time-sensitive,