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Supes override Drought Task Force, pass on cannabis water cutback, well moratorium

Supes override Drought Task Force, pass on cannabis water cutback, well moratorium

Alicia Hamann, executive director of Friends of the Eel River, recommended that the county take “immediate action” on non-domestic groundwater pumping. She told supervisors that Eel River salmon were impacted during the last drought phase and those conditions are returning.

County struggles to collect fines for cannabis violations

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – ​​Humboldt County’s commercial cannabis ordinance sets high daily fines for property owners who don’t take action on correcting violations.  But county officials are finding that imposing fines is one thing and collecting them is another. ​The dilemma of dealing with the aftermath of illegal cannabis grows was again

Bottoms grow OK’d, neighbors muster appeal

After abundant comment opposing and favoring the project, the commission vote 5–2 to adopt the Mitigated Neg Dec, make findings for approval of the Conditional Use Permit and approve the project, with Commissioners Brian Mitchell and Peggy O’Neill dissenting.

Team 27 is now Team 27th, and wants an EIR for the Arcata Bottom grow

Team 27th News Release Westwood Neighbors call for Sun Valley Cannabis Grow EIR In response to the Sun Valley Group’s plans to build a nearly 9-acre commercial cannabis grow in the Arcata Bottoms, local residents are calling on the Humboldt County Planning Commission to require an Environmental Impact Report (EIR). Sun Valley, under the name Arcata

Planco hearing on Bottoms grow continues Thursday

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA BOTTOM – It was as though two vastly different projects were under discussion March 18 during the Humboldt County Planning Commission’s consideration of its final agenda item.  One project was a smart, well-regulated and scrupulously managed agricultural enterprise that would help support a major local employer, make large

Kim Puckett: The case against the Arcata Land Company cannabis project

Note: Area residents and others concerned about the proposed 23-acre Arcata Land Company cannabis grow and processing facility have organized in opposition. Below is one of the letters submitted to the Humboldt County Planning Commission in anticipation of its first hearing on the matter, Thursday, March 18. – Ed.  Date: Wednesday 10 March 2021 To:

Sprawling Bottoms cannabis project goes to county Planning Commission

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA BOTTOM – ​When the county Planning Commission meets this Thursday night, the final project on its agenda may draw considerable participation, if the volume of advance online discussion is any indication.  Attend the Public Hearing March 18 at 6 p.m via zoom (https://zoom.us/j/97637777152) Password 200525 or by telephone.

Arcata Bottom mega-grow in the works

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – Major changes to the pastoral Arcata Bottom ranchland west of town, including industrial and housing developments, continued to roil online fora last week. Already on edge over the unexpected annexation of agricultural/residential land into the City of Arcata, the revelation that a massive industrial cannabis project is