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Wanted: A couple hundred good candidates

Wanted: A couple hundred good candidates

Jack Durham Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – Candidates are needed for more than 200 open seats up for grabs Nov. 3 on the boards of schools and special districts throughout Humboldt County. There are several races in which the seats held by board majorities are open, meaning that power structures could shift in communities if

HSU Poll Puts Stillman, Wheetley On Top – October 22, 2010

The random sample was selected from public records of Arcata registered voters who listed telephone numbers, including those with cell phone numbers. The poll was conducted between the hours of 5:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Oct. 18-21. There was a refusal rate of 29.8 percent, a lower refusal rate than typically found in previous telephone surveys in Arcata, said Larson.

Robert Benson: Sovereign Citizen – October 8, 2010

Benson says the City needs to address the needs of the houseless, particularly by establishing a “civil militia camp,” a place where anyone can live, learn life skills, engage in community service, such as blazing trails or picking up trash and develop mutual respect with one another and the community. He feels a camp of that nature would exaggerate the contrast between those here who want to work with the community and those who have no respect for it.

Mark Wheetley: Planning For Prosperity – October 8, 2010

That solid planning, he says, has allowed Arcata to proceed with civic improvements far beyond what its own resources could enable. “In the time that I’ve been on the council, we’ve been able to leverage tens of millions of dollars,” he said. “A lot, considering the size and scale of Arcata. I think we’ve been extremely successful.”