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Bayside Corners: Down the Grange rabbit hole

Bayside Corners: Down the Grange rabbit hole

It’s a David vs Goliath story. Each local group (of volunteers!) has to fight a legal battle against a national organization that has spent millions of dollars to force them into either being grange members or turning over their property. And they use some pretty outrageous tactics. 

Bayside Community Hall’s agonizing decision

Late update: In next week’s Bayside Corners column, Hall President Carolyn Jones reports that “The Hall’s attorneys will file a notice of intent to appeal by the June 28 deadline, so that we can continue to gather information from the community and await info about the bond.”

Change at the Grange brings birth of Bayside Community Hall

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union BAYSIDE – Boardmembers at Bayside Community Hall estimate that it will take three generations for the name “Bayside Grange” to fall out of common parlance after being used for 75 years. It was Oct. 8, 1932 that Bayside Grange No. 500 was chartered, but not until December, 1941 that