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Odiousness optimized with butcher paper brainstorm breakthrough

Odiousness optimized with butcher paper brainstorm breakthrough

Tammy Nettleton Mad River Union AF ARCATA, April 1  – Eyeing what worked for any number of other civic groups, Arcata’s lowlifes and lurkabouts have busted out the butcher paper in hopes of better allocating their resources and more efficiently annoying everyone else in town. A historic pact signed last year by a consortium of

Historic pact ends all Plaza problems forever

ECLECTIC COALITION Arcata, April 1 – The Plaza should be a far more agreeable place from now on, now that all major stakeholders have signed a peace treaty. Titled as the “Contract for Arcata,” the agreement dictates standards for courteous behavior on the town square. In a Friday morning ceremony, above, the “Stop being a Poopy

McKinlay, new town crier boost Plaza appeal

Poochie D’Urbodrome Eye Correspondent ARCATA PLAZA, APRIL 1 – A cost-effective solution to ridding Arcata of its loathed “dead white male” has been found. Meet the new McK – Arcata über-hipster and very-much-alive white male Merrick McKinlay. Now that the original statue of Wiliam McKinley has melted away from the sheer intensity of the stinkeye-stares