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Arcata’s Redwood Park Scout Hut squatted and trashed

“They were squatting up there and broke into all of the Scout’s supply closets, stole their flatscreen TV and a bunch of gear and supplies, as well as trashing the place fairly thoroughly and covering the place with tons of graffiti,” Gale said. “They also looted the supply of specialty popcorn the Cub Scouts were selling as a fundraiser for summer camp and other outings.”

Plaza, Jolly Giant Creek get cleanse and detox treatments

CLEANUP CREWS Following a briefing by Michael McDowall of Environmental Services, above, volunteers with the Community PRIDE Project (CPP) fanned out downtown last Friday to pick up a reported 1,000 pounds of litter. The CPP has a number of meetings and activities planned (see story on page A3 of this week’s Union). And, following a briefing by