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GMO Crop Ban Initiative Submitted To County

GMO Crop Ban Initiative Submitted To County

Bryn J. Robertson Mad River Union ARCATA – After months of critical planning and weekly meetings, the GMO Free Humboldt committee submitted its initiative to ban the cultivation or production of genetically modified organisms in Humboldt to the county for review. With limited time to gain public support, should the initiative pass review and gain

GMO Free Humboldt Responds To Ag Commissioner’s Letter

Note: The following is a response to a letter to GMO Free Humboldt by Ag Commissioner Jeff Dolf, and an edited version of the group’s draft ordinance addressing his feedback. – Ed.   October 24, 2013 Commissioner Jeff Dolf Humboldt County Department of Agriculture 5630 S. Broadway Eureka, CA 95503 Dear Commissioner Dolf: Thank you