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Bayside Corners: Bayside Community Hall losing local control to National Grange – appeal planned

Bayside Corners: Bayside Community Hall losing local control to National Grange – appeal planned

By Grange rules, all Hall property is Grange property and is available to a local group to manage and maintain only so long as that group is willing to be a subordinate grange within the Grange organization. 

Change at the Grange brings birth of Bayside Community Hall

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union BAYSIDE – Boardmembers at Bayside Community Hall estimate that it will take three generations for the name “Bayside Grange” to fall out of common parlance after being used for 75 years. It was Oct. 8, 1932 that Bayside Grange No. 500 was chartered, but not until December, 1941 that

And now a word from Bayside Community Hall

Press Release: Bayside’s Hall Celebrates 75 Year Anniversary Built and run by volunteers since 1940, the Bayside Community Hall (formerly the Bayside Grange) invites the public to celebrate its 75th anniversary of serving the community with a variety of events throughout the fall and holiday season.  On Friday, Oct. 20 at 7 p.m., Jerry Rohde will present

Baysiders Would Shame Old Arcata Road Speeders – December 5, 2012

Attendee Sue Moore wondered why CHP officers sit passively at the Bayside Post Office, located at the intersection of Jacoby Creek Road, while cars whiz by in excess of the posted 25 mph speed limit on Old Arcata Road. “They sit there every day,” she said. “They’re on the phone, texting and they do nothing.”

Master Gardeners, Moore And More At Breakfast In Bayside, Sunday, July 18

Bring the family to Breakfast in Bayside on Sunday, July 18, between 8 a.m. and noon at the Bayside Grange, 2297 Jacoby Creek Road. The gourmet breakfast features sourdough multi-grain pancakes, chicken apple sausage, scrambled eggs, scrambled tofu, yogurt, fruit of the season, Sacred Grounds organic coffee, teas, milk, orange juice, hot chocolate and Mad River Farm jams and local sauces. This healthy breakfast fare combines with live music, and lively conversation for an entertaining morning.