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Bayside Corners: The biodiversity of Jacoby Creek

Bayside Corners: The biodiversity of Jacoby Creek

This week’s peek at Bayside is brought to you courtesy of Humboldt State University Environmental Science and Management students Marcos Sosa, Auston Teague and Maeve Flynn, who are working towards the restoration of wetlands and riparian areas at the Kokte Ranch and Nature Preserve in Bayside.  As part of their senior capstone project, they have

Bayside Corners: Bayside’s newest farm comes with a bigger vision

Mica and Mac have a bigger vision, of an agrarian collective that hosts a variety of projects. They are proponents of biodynamic agriculture, an early 20th century movement that treats soil fertility, plant growth and livestock care as interrelated tasks with spiritual and mystical facets. “It’s a bit woo-woo,” says Mica, but grounded in good integrative organic practices. Compost is important, so a compost business is in the works.

Bayside Corners: Join an EPIC Fall Celebration

Thanks to everyone who came out for fundraisers the last two weeks in Bayside. JCLT’s Tacos at the Creek and Brunch in Bayside at the Community Hall each served about 200 meals!  Both meals incorporated primarily local products and were prepared with love and care by dedicated volunteers to make for truly one-of-a-kind experiences. Another

Truly eating local: Bayside’s 100-mile Challenge Brunch

Bayside Community Hall invites the community to Brunch (to go) in Bayside this Sunday, Oct. 25 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  For this harvest meal, the hall’s chefs have given themselves a 100-mile challenge: source all ingredients within a 50-mile radius of the hall to highlight the amazing bounty produced by our area’s farmers

Bayside Corners: Tacos by the Creek coming Oct. 17

Well, election season is now fully and truly upon us, with yard signs popping up and local papers filled with letters about candidates, measures and propositions.  Along with that comes various reports about signs being stolen or defaced; in Bayside, I’ve gotten reports of election vandalism for both local measures and the presidential election, and