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At the Market: Eat spicy, get sweaty

At the Market: Eat spicy, get sweaty

Angry Chiles might not be the right name for this new booth at the market! Dave and Aniza Liming, who grow all of their peppers and most of the ingredients for their sauces and relishes, are just too sweet to be angry.  There’s a lot of laughter and happiness at their booth as folks try

At The Market: Twisted Tree Bakery – goodies baked in a snag’s view

“There’s a snag just outside our kitchen window,” Susie Black Diemer explained when I asked about the name of her cottage food operation, Twisted Tree Bakery. Diemer lives in Fieldbrook and has worked as a medical assistant and an instructor at College of the Redwoods. She’s in her first year at the McKinleyville Farmers’ Market

At The Market: ‘Learn as I go and expand as I can’

Lou Schipper is one of the newest farmers at the Arcata Market. He’s been farming for two years but this is his first year on the Plaza. His booth, Schipper Family Farm, was filled last Saturday with lemon cukes so delicious you could eat them like an apple, squashes, cherry, Roma and heirloom tomatoes, peppers,

At the Market: Welcome to your market, HSU students

If you are a new student in Arcata, think of the Saturday Arcata Farmers’ Market as your reward for making it through a week of registration woes, getting lost on campus, and adjusting to new surroundings and classes. The market is a joyous place of community, food, music, food, friends and food and you are

At The Market: A bounty of basil

Tammy Southard’s booth has the most beautiful fresh basil at the market. The aroma pulled me in and I had to stop and admire it. All her other vegetables and starts were glowing on a grey day at the Thursday market. “My secret is that I put it in water,” she said with a smile.

At the Market: It’s a farmers’ market every day at Farmstand

Kathy Mullen has got the vibe. Her beauty spot on Myrtle Avenue has all the fun and joy of a farmers’ market every day. She’s been a familiar face at the Arcata Farmers’ Market for years and years and she created her Kneeland Glen Farmstand five years ago to continue that positive experience. “I wanted