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Bonnie Carroll: Getting Off Pot – July 20, 2010

If marijuana use has become a problem for you or you are using marijuana to treat a mental illness, you would probably benefit from psychotherapy. Many of the therapists in our community can be found listed on the North Coast Association of Mental Health Professionals website at ncamhp.org. You can even search for therapists on this website who specialize in substance abuse treatment if that is what you need.

Bonnie Carroll: Feeding Your Soul – June 30, 2010

Doing things simply because you enjoy them helps balance out all the energy you put into the things you do because you have to. So make sure your life is a journey that you are enjoying and not just something you are trying to get through. Make a list of the things that feed your soul and try to do at least one of them every day.

Bonnie Carroll: Protecting Children From The Tragedy of Ugly Custody Battles – March 16, 2010

If you suspect your child may be experiencing abuse, then make sure you are providing a safe place for your child to talk about what they are thinking and experiencing, and make sure your child knows that you will provide a reasonable and rational response to whatever they tell you (children know this through experience, so make sure to set the precedent early).