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Bayside Corners: Bustling 1880s Jacoby Creek Valley

Bayside Corners: Bustling 1880s Jacoby Creek Valley

Those of us who live in Bayside are well aware that we are fortunate to live in such a lovely place. But sometimes a look into the past is helpful in illuminating the present. The valley we know today is thoroughly transformed from the land that was home to the Wiyot long before we arrived.

Trinidad Tidings: Thank you, Mad River Union

This first column of 2019 is a tribute to the weekly newspaper you are reading today, the Mad River Union, and a reflection on the role such a local forum for local news and ideas plays in giving the North Coast a sense of place and community.  The staff and writers for the newspaper were

When The Natural Environment Was An ‘Eyesore’

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union Note: Two weeks ago, the City opened McDaniel Slough to the bay for the first time in 120 years. The previously landlocked wetlands will now complete its transformation from cow pasture to tidal estuary, and will again serve as habitat for birds, fish and nature-loving humans.  The environmental turnaround

Alan Sanborn: This Time, Look For The Union Label

Until a month and a half ago, I feared that I would be writing more of an obituary to fill this space. I had been dreading the end of the Arcata Eye – knowing that I would soon have a much more difficult time piecing together what goes on in this odd little town. Supposedly,