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Debi Farber Bush: Debi And Friends Go On An Arcata Ridge Trail Journey

Volunteer outside of your comfort zone and do something totally different!!! Get involved with our community, get politically active, do something for the envirorment, help out with kids causes, animals, maybe do something about health and fitness, the arts, homelessness, or help me with my next mission of getting safer places to bike – ESPECIALLY along the 101 corridor!

Arcata Ridge Trail Funding Finalizing

“From the beginning, the Arcata Ridge Trail project required broad-based community support to be a success and this community has really stepped up and supported this project with funding, enthusiastic support and on the ground volunteer sweat and labor,” Andre said. “Strong community support and local financial contributions makes it so much easier for the City to leverage additional state and federal funding to make a project like this a reality.”

Arcata Ridge Trail In Home Stretch

A $180,000 grant is anticipated, leaving an estimated $10,000 gap. Those wishing to assist with closing that funding gap may make a donation via the Humboldt Area Foundation website, make a check out to the City of Arcata Forest Fund and send or deliver it to City Hall, or donate auction items to and attend the Arcata Eye Ball on Saurday, March 9.

Ridge Trail Work In Progress, Sunny Brae Forest Roads Going Back To Nature – September 24, 2012

Over the past several weeks, contractors, restoration experts and City personnel have been preparing the Ridge Trail for use by forestgoers, and elsewhere, doing the opposite – making old logging roads disappear forever by turning them back into forested hillsides.