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Public Safety Committee ‘in disarray’ over workload

Public Safety Committee ‘in disarray’ over workload

Ahearn aired the idea of asking the council to relieve it of the extraordinary assignments and get back to basics. “There is nothing wrong with that,” he said. Johansen then articulated a motion to do just that. But during the ensuing deliberations, no second was offered.

Arcata Public Safety Committee thrust into forefront

In figuring out how to manage the daunting workload, including assignments from the City Council and its previous ongoing projects, the committee decided to form two subcommittees – one on APD’s budget, and the other on civilian oversight – and give them two months to do a deep dive into their respective topics. 

Plaza Task Force sifting through mountain of upgrade ideas

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – If every suggestion aired at last week’s Plaza Improvement Task Force (PITF) meeting was adopted, it would surely solve all the problems with loose dogs, smoking, drinking, panhandling and other misbehavior – but only because there’d be no room for anything but clambering over all the water