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Arcata Police Log: Earth-toned carbon-based unit mounts planetary assault

Arcata Police Log: Earth-toned carbon-based unit mounts planetary assault

• Saturday, July 6 9:33 a.m. After injecting breakfast, an urban backpacker lolled on some 11th Street steps with the needle still hanging jauntily from his arm. He was moved along. 3:06 p.m. A woman dragged a couch into the middle of an H Street alley and, clad in a towel, had a troubled lie-down

Arcata Police Log: Let’s see, what’s my most time-wasting, self-defeating option here?

• Friday, June 28 10:37 a.m. A woman went out to her car after shopping at a Fourth Street market only to find a man there holding a set of keys. “This is my car,” he notified her as he continually stuffed a rag into his mouth, then pulled it out and smelled it.  11:09

Arcata Police Log: Leash my aggressive dog? How dast thee!

• Sunday, June 9 9:01 a.m. When the door closed on a high school storage shed across from the skate park, a man found his life at a crossroads: he could live out his days in the spartan accommodations, hearing the world passing by outside, never knowing sunshine, starlight, laughter, love, quinoa tots and really,

Arcata Police Log: Tranquility-inducing quinoa tots and popcorn tofu meet their match

• Thursday, May 23 8:03 a.m. Six people sitting in a circle in a Ninth Street alley wouldn’t voluntarily disassemble their stonerhenge soiree-squattery, and a nearby business was concerned that the half-dozen immobile meat pillars might get run over. 10:36 p.m. In nearby Tavern Alley, intake-excrete maneuvers proved worrisome. It seems that four jolly-time funsters

Arcata Police Log: Turdly minefield inspires groundsman’s ire

• Wednesday, May 15 12:42 a.m. The City Council should try to track down the shadowy slithy tove on a bicycle who busied himself this early morn riding around and checking whether or not business doors on West End Road were properly locked up, and commend him for his public-spirited volunteer efforts. 1:30 p.m. It

Arcata Police Log: A lot of this comes down to oversharing. At top volume. All night long.

• Thursday, April 25 2 a.m. “Stop smacking me,” said one of two yellingtons on Union Street who, despite the passions of the moment, cared enough to use a slightly evocative verb. 7:16 p.m. The ridonkulous “who’d fall for that?” Social Security phone scam netted another victim, ensuring its continuation. The scammer reaped some $2,900

Arcata Police Log: Creative driving ends in wham-bam-boom-pow-crunch

• Monday, April 15 1:25 a.m. When an E Street woman screamed that she didn’t have any food, neighbors concerned for her well-being and/or doing anything necessary to get her to STFU at this hour offered the needed noms. This nutritional outreach was rewarded with threats to stab her mentors with a fork. 8 a.m.

Arcata Police Log: A pageant of quibblesome, fusspottian nanoaggressions

• Wednesday, March 13 11:42 a.m. Someone strolling by the corner of Buttermilk Lane and Beverly Drive heard yelling coming from a nearby garage. But not the oft-heard cries of inordinate rage over some quibblesome, fusspottian nanoaggression. No, this time someone had a genuinely weighty issue – a motorcycle lying on top of and pinning