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Arcata Police Log: A lot of this comes down to oversharing. At top volume. All night long.

Arcata Police Log: A lot of this comes down to oversharing. At top volume. All night long.

• Thursday, April 25 2 a.m. “Stop smacking me,” said one of two yellingtons on Union Street who, despite the passions of the moment, cared enough to use a slightly evocative verb. 7:16 p.m. The ridonkulous “who’d fall for that?” Social Security phone scam netted another victim, ensuring its continuation. The scammer reaped some $2,900

Arcata Police Log: Creative driving ends in wham-bam-boom-pow-crunch

• Monday, April 15 1:25 a.m. When an E Street woman screamed that she didn’t have any food, neighbors concerned for her well-being and/or doing anything necessary to get her to STFU at this hour offered the needed noms. This nutritional outreach was rewarded with threats to stab her mentors with a fork. 8 a.m.

Arcata Police Log: A pageant of quibblesome, fusspottian nanoaggressions

• Wednesday, March 13 11:42 a.m. Someone strolling by the corner of Buttermilk Lane and Beverly Drive heard yelling coming from a nearby garage. But not the oft-heard cries of inordinate rage over some quibblesome, fusspottian nanoaggression. No, this time someone had a genuinely weighty issue – a motorcycle lying on top of and pinning

Arcata Police Log: Top-hatted snare drummer offers supermarket stabbing services

• Tuesday, February 13 9:38 a.m. A dark-haired woman driving an estimated 70 mph on L.K. Wood Boulevard was profoundly inconvenienced by having to slightly modify her trajectory and swerve around some road workers, possibly slowing her blistering velocity by as much as few miles per hour. In doing so, she made sure to flip

Arcata Police Log: Locker room rogue thwarts foes with fearsome hair straightener

• Wednesday, January 23 1:38 p.m. There’s got to be a better way to deliver an $1,800 U.S. Treasury bond to someone on L.K. Wood Boulevard than leaving it on the porch. 3:34 p.m. Though the 27th Street resident asked and asked the woman living in a trailer in the street out front not to

Arcata Police Log: Another jumbled, gelastic jamboree of jiggery-pokery

• Thursday, January 10 1:52 a.m. Whatever he did or didn’t do to her, it had her initially throwing things, then “crying hysterically” in the background as he called police. 5:28 a.m. A Stewart Avenue man’s house proved invulnerable to the 20 or so BB rounds fired at it by unknown marksdolts. 9:13 a.m. The

Arcata Police Log: Like dark matter, the Slithy Tovesphere co-occupies our ostensible reality

• Sunday, December 30 5:38 p.m. After stealing various items from a Uniontown supermarket throughout the day, a backpack-and-beanie boy capped his day of luscious larceny by making off with some life-affirming macaroni and cheese. 11:44 p.m. Three men threatening to exact vengeance on a motel clerk by disengorging their mighty bowels in a Valley

Arcata Police Log: The one you’re falling in like with may one day be punching your walls

• Sunday, December 23 8:51 p.m. A man in a low-budget Valley West motel’s parking lot yelled while holding a pair of scissors. An introspective singer-songwriter perched on a stool and sawing away at a battered acoustic guitar, even while wailing the same things, might have been a better choice for evening entertainment. • Christmas