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Arcata Police Log: Pvt. Yelly McYellington reporting for duty

Arcata Police Log: Pvt. Yelly McYellington reporting for duty

• Saturday, August 6 3:27 a.m. A staggeringly popular new fad swept Arcata’s wee hours. First a staggering woman argued needlessly with passersby outside a downtown donuteria … 4:35 a.m. … then this guy who’d just been released from the hospital staggered over to a patch of grass and passed out. 5:18 a.m. A burglary

Arcata Police Log: Soaring to new depths

• Saturday, July 30 9:59 p.m. A Union Street apartment dweller likes to take up a position on his balcony and blather loudly on his cell phone, much to the annoyance of a neighbor. • Sunday, July 31 2:56 a.m. Mostly male yelling was overheard on 11th Street, with a woman screaming for help and for

Temporary town-wide lull in screaming lifted

• Thursday, July 21 5:26 a.m. A woman in the hospital ER waiting room didn’t feel she was being seen quickly enough, so she made repeated calls to the fire department to complain. 10:28 a.m. Again proving the inevitability of karmic retribution, a Lewis Avenue fig tree that must have committed some egregious moral atrocity

Coincidence? One wonders

• Monday, March 7 9:09 a.m. Campers snoozed under blankets near a statue at a Janes Road religious worship facility, their vehicles – a bike and a wheelchair – parked nearby. 11:29 a.m. A bald man of diminutive stature drunkenly exorcised his hair loss anxieties or something out front of a taxidermy-intensive Plaza tavern by

Arcata Police Log: Posey inferno poses porchside mystery

• Wednesday, October 7 1:25 p.m. A guy and gal attired in black jackets and blue jeans created created eardrums black and blue in Valley West. Positioned between a sandwich shop and a family restaurant, they bescreeched passersby to buy them lunch. 1:26 p.m. The sheer statistical density of loud slumpers, standarounders and lean-on-the-buildingers at the

Three months’ worth of Arcata Police Log

Casual enigma aspires to slithy tove-hood • Saturday, March 15 11:03 a.m A man reported that the night before, a behoodied woman with dreadlocks had backed into him outside a bar and pushed him into the gutter, while another person simultaneously tried to steal his friend’s purse. 11:48 a.m. One dirtbike was ditched in an