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Arcata Police Log: Strangelings boldly break with tradition, reason

• Friday, August 30 10 a.m. When a man with a blue “wrap” on his head was found lingering upstairs in a downtown building where he weren’t spoze’ta be, he proposed an interim solution: to strike the person who found him with a chair. 11:51 a.m. Another household furnishing was conscripted to resolve a disagreement

Arcata Police Log: What’s worse – tip thieves or oil dumpers?

• Wednesday, August 14 8:26 p.m. Science has long been aware of the possible role of tasty baked goods, donuts specifically, in somehow enraging an outspoken minority of downtown leisure professionals. Now pies offer another correlation.  • Thursday, August 15 1:39 a.m. Imbecilic imprecations sullied the soundscape on Foster Avenue, courtesy of a self-appointed town

Arcata Police Log: Booze-bamboozled brainlock begets driver.exe reboot

• Wednesday, July 31 11:52 a.m. When someone left their large black truck with two children inside idling for 20 minutes outside a Sunny Brae laundromat, a random passerby volunteered a yelling-included cost-benefit analysis of the decision. 1:21 p.m. A cow in an F Street field didn’t appear to have any food or water. 3