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Arcata Police Log: #occupytoilet slacktivist dethroned

Arcata Police Log: #occupytoilet slacktivist dethroned

• Monday, February 24 4:34 p.m. The sitabout set swelled to spectacularly smoky proportions on the Community Center’s sunny west side. 7:22 p.m. And you screech, and you blurt, and you flame all the bouncers in your green shirt. • Tuesday, February 25 7:33 a.m. A breakfast mixer in a Valley West ditch swelled beyond

Arcata Police Log: Dropped-off boxed cock busts out for slough doodle-doings

• Monday, February 3 3:56 a.m. It’s definitely a new trend – showing up at businesses and claiming to be a patron/client/guest, then demanding services in huffy-hortatory harangues and probably getting them from time to time. A man whose superpowers were aptly symbolized by the damp lightning bolt on his red hat claimed to have a room, didn’t, and when confronted by staff stalked off with his bags toward the rooms and into thin air.