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Police Chief Brian Ahearn on the city’s budget, reform and APD

Police Chief Brian Ahearn on the city’s budget, reform and APD

Police Officers are noble people who perform life-saving work every day and restore hope in people’s lives when all hope was lost. So when some advocate for dismantling the police or march on their City Hall to abolish policing (how ludicrous is that?) be careful what you wish for.

Council again updated on APD’s structural reforms

Ahearn’s report says that APD is now “better trained, better prepared, more organized in our response and more effective in our utilization of personnel than we were on April 15, 2017. The value of clarifying roles and responsibilities and establishing clear lines of authority and decisionmaking in order to identify, in all incidents, who is in charge, cannot be underestimated.”

APD Chief Ahearn asks officers to step up for human rights

I am asking you APD to step up and answer the call. Be a leader. Set the example.  Do not sit back and watch an unjust application of force take place or tolerate inequality or discriminatory conduct towards a person of color or anyone who is being treated differently because of who they are. Take risk. Do the right thing.  Intervene. Always. There are no exceptions.  Serve with honor  For all people.

Arcata Police arrest alleged vandal

Mad River Union ARCATA – Arcata Police officers, including Chief Brian Ahearn, last Thursday subdued and arrested a berserk-acting man in the area of Eighth and K streets. Ahearn said the man, Curtis Edwin Collins, 31, was “running through the streets vandalizing vehicles. Punched a Police Officer in the shoulder. Was tased in the 900