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Arcata Public Safety Committee thrust into forefront

In figuring out how to manage the daunting workload, including assignments from the City Council and its previous ongoing projects, the committee decided to form two subcommittees – one on APD’s budget, and the other on civilian oversight – and give them two months to do a deep dive into their respective topics. 

Council hears APD reforms, renews COVID emergency

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – The City Council last week acted on matters routine, unusual and extraordinary, in keeping with the challenging times.  Mayor Michael Winkler began with a statement urging citizens to wear masks to reduce coronavirus transmission and allow businesses to safely reopen. Compliance has proven inconsistent, as noted in

Police Chief Brian Ahearn on the city’s budget, reform and APD

Police Officers are noble people who perform life-saving work every day and restore hope in people’s lives when all hope was lost. So when some advocate for dismantling the police or march on their City Hall to abolish policing (how ludicrous is that?) be careful what you wish for.