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ABC director upholds Sidelines, Toby & Jack’s license revocation

ABC director upholds Sidelines, Toby & Jack’s license revocation

Mad River Union ARCATA/SACRAMENTO – In twin decisions released Monday, Jacob Appelsmith, director of the state Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) agency, upheld an administrative law judge’s earlier ruling to revoke the liquor licenses of two Plaza bars for drug dealing on the premises. In August, the Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Board, a separate agency from

CBD campaigners collect sigs

MAKING CHANGE Coco Maki and Pepper Hernandez were busy building support last week for allowing CBD- and THC-infused foods and drinks for consumption with education on the Plaza and in Humboldt County. The cannabinized edibles are not presently regulated by the health department. “We want to make it possible for permitted people to cook with

Skye’s vision renewed in Plaza mosaic restoration project

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union The Plaza’s colorful trash bins, artfully encrusted with tiles by the late, legendary mosaicist Laurel Skye, are looking a little dowdy these days. After 13 years of enduring vandals, thing-kickers, collisions with navigationally-challenged drunks, errant frisbees and one suspected car crash, the rigors of Plaza life have taken their

Celebrate the Arcata Police Department with cake on the Plaza Wednesday

APD press release The Arcata Police Department was established on July 31, 1894.  Wednesday, July 31 marks the 125th anniversary of community policing in the City of Arcata. Everyone plays a role in keeping Arcata safe and in maintaining a quality of life that all neighborhoods take pride in. As a community policing organization, the Arcata Police Department invites all community

Temperance League Fountain fixed for 1/90th of estimate; civic sobriety gets big, wet boost

Mad River Union ARCATA PLAZA – “Nine thousand dollars?! Not good enough!” exclaimed Action Mayor Brett Watson as he pounded the meeting table in City Hall. Leveling his steely gaze at the assembled city employees, the incensed mayor’s nostrils flared in outrage. “This shall not stand. I expect that fountain fixed – cheaper, better and

Arcata Main Street seeking new director

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – After two years of relative stability and unprecedented productivity, the resignation of Arcata Main Street’s (AMS) dynamic director has returned the downtown business organization to its nominal state of being “in transition.” Executive Director Jeanette Todd announced her resignation last Tuesday morning at the monthly, casual gathering

Plaza Task Force sifting through mountain of upgrade ideas

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – If every suggestion aired at last week’s Plaza Improvement Task Force (PITF) meeting was adopted, it would surely solve all the problems with loose dogs, smoking, drinking, panhandling and other misbehavior – but only because there’d be no room for anything but clambering over all the water

Council taking up Plaza street closure, considering resolution in support of KHSU

Mad River Union ARCATA – The City Council will visit its wisdom on two controversies this week – proposed partial street closures on the Plaza and the situation at radio station KHSU.  The council will also consider restrictions on single-use containers such as food take-out boxes and water bottles, and it will likely adopt a

McKinley statue pulled from Plaza in early morning operation

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – The statue of William McKinley, a gift to the citizens of Arcata from George Zehndner, is gone from the Arcata Plaza. Where America’s 25th president once towered over the town, a circular planter – also soon to go – encloses foliage and a barren patch of concrete