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Bayside Corners: Buy a steer & support conservation

Bayside Corners: Buy a steer & support conservation

It can’t get much more local than this! Jacoby Creek Land Trust announces the availability of whole and half grass-fed steers raised on Kokte Ranch here in the Jacoby Creek valley, for sale in May.  A whole steer weighs in at about 1300 pounds and yields 430-450 pounds of meat once butchered. The cattle are

Bayside Corners: Eat lasagna, support Arcata Noon Rotary

On Saturday, Dec. 12, Bayside Community Presbyterian Church, at 2023 Old Arcata Rd., will be the pickup site for a drive-by fundraiser dinner for Arcata Noon Rotary, whose current president, Daniel Link, is also the church’s pastor.  On the menu is homemade lasagna (meat or vegetarian), garlic bread and salad for $18. They are also