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Anti-dog poop campaign at the Marsh a wasted effort

Mad River Union ARCATA MARSH AND WILDLIFE SANCTUARY – The ongoing dog poop wars at the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary wear on, with neglectful dog owners defying logic, reason, personal responsibility and eco-consciousness by leaving their canine companions’ wastes to stink up and uglify the trails. Even when provided with handy Dogipot poop bag

Arcata Police Log: Only non-werewolf officers need respond

• Thursday, December 13 12:46 p.m. Multitasking of sorts took place within a G Street bank’s decorative planter when a woman’s hand was located inside the trousers of a man with whom she was reportedly “making out,” the other hand holding a cat on a leash. 1:16 p.m. A fuzzy burrito impeded access in front

Yak pack on fast track to bushwhack blowback

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – It was nice while it lasted, the glimmer of goodwill projected by the two two-legged creatures among the five who live together in the Arcata Community Forest. A recent encounter with the infamous “yaksmen” and their animal companions went famously, with a passing bicyclist enjoying fresh milk

Proposed new parcel tax would fund open space, trails, creeks and wildlife

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – Once a year the City Council sits down with its four environmental advisory committees, takes updates and looks ahead. The meeting also lets the citizen-led groups – Forest Management, Open Space & Agriculture, Parks & Recreation and Wetlands & Creeks – learn about what the others are

Arcata tweaks laws for new cannabis era

Hello standardized tracking, goodbye ‘marijuana’ Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – The City Council last week introduced a pair of companion ordinances that bring Arcata into conformance with state cannabis law. According to a staff report, the ordinances, nos. 1496 and 1497, tweak the Land Use Code and Arcata Municipal Code in various

Arcata Marsh sees the coming of the drones

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – Ah, the Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary, where a keen observer out for an afternoon of communion with nature might behold the aerial majesty of the Marbled Godwit, the Great Gray Owl, the Double-Crested Cormorant or the Hamphong 424 Avenger FPV HD Quadcopter. That last beast, or