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Life After OysterFest, Saturday, June 15

ARCATA – Take a quick disco nap and down a couple of espressos after OysterFest, as official and unofficial after parties put forth some delectable musical offerings the evening of Saturday, June 15. Yogoman Burning Band with Motherlode at Jambalaya In case you missed the OysterFest or want more of the headlining bands, PC Productions

Luke, AMS, Attorney, City, Businesses Mix It Up Over OysterFence

Patterson said he had changed his mind on two counts: he plans to keep Luke’s Joint open during the event “as a case study, to mine data. He had previously stated that it would be closed. Also, he said, he would not pursue the TRO on the condition that AMS work out some means by which his patrons could access his restaurant during the OysterFest, such as a free “validation” system.

Oyster Festival Admission Plan Stirs Mixed Reaction

Within hours of the Thursday announcement, Arcata Main Street Director Jennifer Koopman and her board had been reviled as greedy, incompetent, dishonest, self-interested and even anatomically mutated. “I don’t know where your head is, but it’s not on your shoulders,” one caller to Main Street said in a voice mail message. Some online commenters wove the news into a broader narrative about the dysfunctional hellscape of oppression and ruin Arcata has become.

Jennifer Koopman: FAQ On The New Oyster Festival Policies

The money will also be reinvested into the FREE Picnics & Concerts on the Plaza series I have slated beginning in mid-July. The money will pay the bands and artists, sound, equipment and marketing collateral. I’ve been lucky, the artists and bands have all been so generous to Main Street over the years. For example, the band Moonalice, that is playing in Napa at Bottlerock, have played the Plaza for free for the last three years. But I still have many costs associated with every event including pay for sound, equipment, permitting fees, insurance, etc. In addition to maintaining the events we already produce, we have also set up a support fund with Humboldt Area Foundation, where a portion of the proceeds will be donated back to local environmental projects surrounding Humboldt’s aquaculture industry. We are exploring starting a new event. The possibilities are endless but we are committed to do reinvesting the majority of the money will be right back into the local community.

Koopman Cannabis Case Drags On

Daniel Mintz Eye Correspondent EUREKA/ARCATA – The marijuana cultivation case against Arcata Main Street Executive Director Jennifer Koopman has yet to reach a preliminary hearing stage and a medical defense is being prepared. The next court date for the case is March 28, as Koopman’s attorney, Patrik Griego of the Eureka-based Janssen Malloy LLP law