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How Arcata Fire will rotate station closures, starting April 1

How Arcata Fire will rotate station closures, starting April 1

The station brownouts will last for eight days and will rotate through each station, beginning with the Mad River Station. District finances will no longer allow for the daily expenditure of overtime that is required to keep all three stations simultaneously open.

An impartial analysis of Measure R, Arcata Fire’s tax proposal

Humboldt County Office of Elections California Government Code section 53978 authorizes fire districts to adopt, by ordinance, a special tax for fire protection and prevention with the approval of two-thirds of the voters of the district. Pursuant to this authority, the Board of Directors (“Board”) of the Arcata Fire Protection District (“District”) proposes, through Measure

What Arcata Fire’s Measure R really says – in its own words

ursuant to the authority of Government Code Section 53978 and Article XIIIA of the California Constitution, this Ordinance, if passed by two-thirds voter approval, would increase the Arcata Fire Protection District’s existing voter- approved special tax levied for fire protection, rescue, and emergency medical services and would supersede the existing special tax rate of $5 per unit of benefit approved by qualified voters of the District in 1997 (Ordinance No. 97-010).

Randy Mendosa: The Measure R fire tax is crucial to sustain adequate protection

Among the many terrible consequences of firefighter layoffs, staffing only two fire stations would have four firefighters covering the entire 62-square-mile district! Additionally, the closure of a fire station would likely affect the district’s ISO rating insurance companies use to set the costs of fire insurance policies for the area.